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Are you ready to elevate your business with captivating, strategic  video content? At Pegasus Creative, we specialize in creating  impactful video solutions designed to help businesses across Ireland boost sales, increase brand awareness, and engage their audience like never before.

Why Choose Pegasus Creative?


Strategic Video Expertise

Our team consists of experienced professionals who understand the power of video. We know how to craft compelling stories that resonate with your target
audience and drive results.


Custom-Tailored Solutions:

Every business is unique, and
so are your video needs. We work closely with you to develop  a tailored video strategy that aligns with your objectives and budget.


Eye-Catching Creativity:

Our videos are not just informative, but also visually stunning. We create content that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.


Proven Results:

We've helped numerous businesses in Ireland achieve their sales and marketing goals through our videos. Check out our portfolio to see examples of our successful projects.

Our Services


Corporate Videos:

Showcase your brand, products, or services with professional corporate videos that leave a strong impact.


Product Promotions:

Increase your product's appeal with engaging product videos that convert viewers into customers.


Testimonials and Reviews:

Let your satisfied customers
speak for you with authentic testimonial videos that build trust.


Explainer Videos:

Simplify complex ideas and concepts with informative explainer videos that your audience can easily

Why Video?

In today's digital landscape, video is the most influential medium for storytelling. It's an incredibly effective way to connect with your audience and drive sales. When executed strategically, video can:

  • Grab and retain attention

  • Convey your brand's message

  • Boost SEO rankings

  • Drive website conversions

  • Enhance social media engagement

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The Process

Discovery call

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Every project begins with an in-depth discovery call looking at your
business and it’s needs. During this session we identify key areas
where video can be implemented in your business to alleviate
problems or boost the performance of current processes.

Strategy call

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Once we have enough information, we will draw up 2-3 video
concepts to present to you based on your budget. These concepts
will be hyper focused on targeting the areas in your business that
were flagged in our discovery call.

The Shoot

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Once we have chosen a project concept, the next steps are to
begin the pre-production stage and schedule shoot dates. Whether
it’s videography, photography, or a mixture of both, we guarantee
exceptional footage using the very best equipment on the market in
the hands of skilled operators.

Client success

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Once your assets are delivered, we will work closely with you and
advise on the best practices for implementation of your new videos
in to your businesses processes. We are results driven and will
check in often throughout the campaign to see how our videos are

Elevate your brand with content that delivers



5 star

Caimin is excellent at his profession and communication. We were well advised on what approach to take with improving our online platforms by Caimin who completed drone footage, professional portraits and demonstration videos for us. I could not be happier with the overall success of our new content and would highly recommend Pegasus Drone Imaging. Thanks Caimin

Nick Baker



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