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Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Drone photography has opened a whole new world of options for capturing sky to ground images that was once only accomplishable from a helicopter or other aircraft. Now, aerial photography has become much more environmentally friendly and of higher quality thanks to drones.

A drone is an aircraft that is unpiloted, instead the drone photographer uses a remote control to fly the drone. Here at Pegasus Creative, our licensed drone photographers use the Inspire 2 drone by DJI with a Zenmuse X5S camera body. This drone is considered the gold standard for next-level drone photography. The drone photographer has their own screen that they can follow along to what the drone is seeing, so that they can capture the best photographs.

The Process

Discovery call

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Every project begins with an in-depth discovery call looking at your
business and it’s needs. During this session we identify key areas
where video can be implemented in your business to alleviate
problems or boost the performance of current processes.

Strategy call

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Once we have enough information, we will draw up 2-3 video
concepts to present to you based on your budget. These concepts
will be hyper focused on targeting the areas in your business that
were flagged in our discovery call.

The Shoot

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Once we have chosen a project concept, the next steps are to
begin the pre-production stage and schedule shoot dates. Whether
it’s videography, photography, or a mixture of both, we guarantee
exceptional footage using the very best equipment on the market in
the hands of skilled operators

client success

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Once your assets are delivered, we will work closely with you and
advise on the best practices for implementation of your new videos
in to your businesses processes. We are results driven and will
check in often throughout the campaign to see how our videos are

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FAQ About Drone Photography

  • How much does drone photography cost?

    Our drone photography services cost depends on what the project entails. However, we can offer you a free quote! Contact us and we will happily answer any questions you have.

  • Are your drone photographers licensed?

    Yes! Our drone photographers are licensed by the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority), and are insured as well. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.