Stunt Drifting at Pallas Karting Racetrack

Early in 2020 I was asked to do some filming with Stunt Driver, Matt Sheeran in order to update his current showreel with new driving manoeuvres.
Matt is a trained professional and has worked on many different films such as The Fast & the Furious and the James Bond franchises.

The two Mazda Mx5’s were kindly supplied by Stunt Drive Ireland with the red Mx5 being driven by their own Fionn Condron who is currently the world’s youngest professional stunt driver.

We were unfortunate enough to be met with storm conditions when we arrived to the Pallas Karting Racetrack in Tynagh. The DJI Inspire 2 had to battle with 35mph gusts and sporadic showers throughout the entire shoot. Making it difficult for the drone keep composition at times. Both drivers also took some adjusting to the new wet and windy conditions.
Nevertheless, Matt and Fionn still pushed the two Mx-5’s to their absolute limit and we got some incredible shots!