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Drone videographer

Pegasus Creative is owned and operated by drone videographer Caimin Jacob. Caimin is an experienced, professional drone videographer who specialises in drone videography. With a background in photography and cinematography, Caimin added drone videography to his skillset in 2015.

As Drone videographer we are IAA licenced and insured. We use a DJI Inspire 2 with a Zenmuse X5S camera body to capture high quality content for our clients. Using drone videographer Caimin Jacob and Pegasus Creative is a fantastic way to capture beautiful aerial footage. Pegasus Creative works with clients from all industries such as tourism, to capture and create stunning footage.

What A Drone videographer Does

Drones are a powerful tool used for capturing aerial views and new perspectives. However, a drone videographer is not to be confused with an aerial photographer.

An aerial photographer is someone who travels in planes or helicopters to capture their pictures of buildings and landscapes. On the other hand, a drone videographer is a skilled professional who pilots a drone that has a camera attached to it.

Our drone videographers at Pegasus Creative follows a process that includes 4 steps – creating a business strategy, drawing storyboards to show how the footage will be put together, actually doing the shoot and recording footage of the space you want captured, and finally editing the footage. Our clients have the choice to receive the raw footage from the shoot or to receive post production with includes editing the footage.

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FAQ About Our Drone videographer

  • Does your drone videographer have the proper licencing to fly a drone?

    Yes, we are licenced by the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) and is insured too. Having this licence is very important as you legally cannot fly a drone without one.

  • What areas does your drone videographer service?

    Pegasus Drone is based in Clare, however, our drone videographer works with clients based all over Ireland. Please get in touch with us for more information.